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Re: irc meeting summary

[replying to list - assuming discretion was in error]

Quoting ബാലശങ്കർ സി (2014-08-05 12:09:54)
>> You have put in some validation checks in html5 (cool!) and some in 
>> javascript.  It seems, however, that you do *not* validate 
>> server-side.  Consider adding that - both for user experience (for 
>> those who can't or won't use javascript) and for security of whatever 
>> further processing you do.
> Sure. But, I don't remember using any Javascript validation (I think I 
> used javascript only for datepicker for arrival and departure dates, 
> other than Bootstrap). Can you tell me where you saw that?

Right, it was the datepicker code I (wrongly) categorized as validation: 
I saw the code, then tried fill in non-date string in those fields, got 
a successful submit, and wrote my email about lack of server-side 
validation. :-)

> I will add server-side validation tonight as HTML5 validation won't 
> work in some browsers (eg: CLI browsers like elinks) that don't 
> support HTML5.

Exactly. :-)

>> I notice you use jQuery and Bootstrap.  You might want to consider 
>> exploring more lighweight alternatives - my favorite is Sass and 
>> Compass, and picking specific-purpose non-jQuery javascript functions 
>> as needed.
> Anyway, I am gonna leave designing to the pros. This demo was made by 
> modifying an existing site. So, the bootstrap was used.

In that case, this (weaker than validation) remark goes to whoever picks 
it up :-)

 - Jonas

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