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Re: Working on ruby package migrations for next debian release/wheezy

2011/9/2 Praveen A <pravi.a@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I would be working on some ruby gem migrations to gem2deb tomorrow. It needs
> creating debian packages for some ruby gems (ruby libraries) already present
> in debian, but did not use gem2deb. We will use gem2deb tool to create deb
> package and add a few more lines created by a command in debian/control.
> You should know how to create a debian package.
> If anyone wants to join me, we can do it as debian ruby migrations day.

Abdul Karim, Sana Khan, Vasudev and Muneeb joined. I did one package
review, one gem packaging and updated many bug reports.

> will coordinate via #debian-ruby on oftc. If you are new to debian
> packaging, I can help you learn it so that you can participate in future
> events. Reply here or come to irc, if you want to join. We will start around
> 10 in the morning.
> We will use http://piratepad.net/tu0H1eU2vH for tracking.
> Cheers
> Praveen

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