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Working on ruby package migrations for next debian release/wheezy


I would be working on some ruby gem migrations to gem2deb tomorrow. It needs creating debian packages for some ruby gems (ruby libraries) already present in debian, but did not use gem2deb. We will use gem2deb tool to create deb package and add a few more lines created by a command in debian/control.

You should know how to create a debian package.

If anyone wants to join me, we can do it as debian ruby migrations day. We will coordinate via #debian-ruby on oftc. If you are new to debian packaging, I can help you learn it so that you can participate in future events. Reply here or come to irc, if you want to join. We will start around 10 in the morning.

We will use http://piratepad.net/tu0H1eU2vH for tracking.


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