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Re: journey details to mangalore

Vasudev Kamath said on Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 04:47:50PM +0530,:

 > On 16:03 Sun 04 Sep     , abhishek jeet wrote:
 > Abhishek nice work, I've not gone through pdf though. We need to
 > document this on debian wiki page for Mangalore event. Google map
 > snippets will be good. We need to discuss few things like possible
 > talks and other stuffs try to be in irc #nitte and try to get your
 > friends too tonight 9-930 pm ist

Please do document which fo the stations - Mangalore Junction aka
Kankanadi or the "old" Mangalore central station is more convenient.

Do document how to reach the venue from both places. Most trains
to/from Kerala will not touch Mangalore central. 

Also, put up a "emergency contact" phone number of somebody who knows
the place and way around - in case some body  loses the way. ;-D

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