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Fwd: [Debian-in-workers] Lohit font transition is over

Happy to see this! Good work Abdul, Muneeb and Sana.

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From: Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com>
Date: 2011/9/3
Subject: [Debian-in-workers] Lohit font transition is over
To: Debian-IN Workers List <debian-in-workers@lists.alioth.debian.org>

Hello all,

Thanks to Abdul Karim, Muneeb and Sana we have completed transition of
Lohit fonts to new naming scheme as per pkg-fonts policy. New fonts
are built from source using fontforge as suggested in pkg-fonts
policy. They are avaialble from git repo of Debian-IN [1]

If interested you can clone [1] and the steps to get sources of all
packages is provided in Debian-IN-Documentation.txt

We will soon fix the wikipage of Debian-IN and place this
documentation there.


Best Regards
Vasudev Kamath
vasudev@joindiaspora.com (Ostatus)

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