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Re: Newbie friendly security and firewall docs (cookbook?)

Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Mi, 08 oct 14, 08:49:44, Richard Owlett wrote:

I think the type of material I'm looking for should be in the "Debian
GNU/Linux Installation Guide". It is the one document _every_ new user is
told to read.

Maybe Debian Reference would be more appropriate (CC-ing Osamu to get
his attention).

I was of two minds on that. There are four classes of newbies [three reachable].
They are those who:
  will only say "install".
  will read installation instructions but have no tech foundations.
will read more than installation instructions if it is right there.
  will devour anything available at their level.

My friend is in the third class. I would be want something aimed at that group when, as now, I trying to accomplish something correctly within time constraints. I'm so far into the last group that ... ;/

I'll take a stab at putting selected content in a form suitable for the
Installation Guide. This weekend looks open. I'll send my attempt to you

Probably not a good idea, because:

1. Things like this should be in public, even better filed as a patch in
the BTS
2. Javier is not the Maintainer of the Installation Guide, the Debian
Installer Team is (list debian-boot)

I will still forward my attempt to Javier because:
* I take the last paragraph as an invitation to give specific feedback. * that whatever I come up with will *REQUIRE* proofreading before I would dare submit as a patch. My modification would primarily be pruning what a newbie would see as distractions. The act of pruning could create errors of fact
    when done by someone with as little expertise as I.

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