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Newbie friendly security and firewall docs (cookbook?)

I'm a relatively new convert from Windows to Debian, although I've been a computer _user_ since the early 60's. I've evidently been talking up Linux enough that a friend is shipping a spare laptop with a request that I install my preferred version. [He is hesitant about his ability to do so although he is the one with a B.S.E.E.]

I intend to set it up as multi-boot:
  1. whatever Windows is on it
2. Squeeze LTS with Gnome2 - I like it and believe he will like its human interface. 3. Wheezy with KDE - Wheezy is more uptodate and I suspect would want some KDE specific applications.

Although I've been asking questions for several months, they have been piecemeal and probably poorly worded.

I'm looking for a reference document that wouldn't scare my friend off Debian and also give me the required information to:
  1. close the maximum number of ports.
     I see him using browser, email, ftp file downloading.
I don't see him being a server. All incoming packets should be to
     fulfill a previous outgoing request - [correctly phrased?].
2. list of daemons/services/??? that should be disabled or not installed.

I intend selecting common desktop tasks, laptop tasks and common tasks from the the menu near end of the installer.

What else should I be asking?

Thank you.

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