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Re: Newbie friendly security and firewall docs (cookbook?)

Richard Owlett wrote:
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino wrote:

On 6 October 2014 13:53, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net
<mailto:rowlett@cloud85.net>> wrote:

        In the context of -doc the only document I'm aware of is
        the Securing
        Debian HOWTO.

    I've attempted to digest it. It's too complete - e.g. it
    talks about securing features [web servers etc] that I do not
    believe should exist on a system used by my target audience
    [including myself].

Yes, the document is targeted towards a sysadmin audience, not a
desktop user. That being said, it should be easy to write a
"Security for desktops" chapter more targeted towards end-users
including do's and dont's and recommended best practices there.

        While it will probably contain all the information you
        require, but it's entirely possible it might scare your
        friend a bit.

    It scares me ;/

Please go through chapter 2 "Before you begin" and 3 "Before and
during the installation". I think those chapters can be easily
applied to a desktop environment. If they "scare you" maybe we
have to tone down the content.

Will do. Probably not today, my furnace is out and cold front
I would recommend it as a separate document or as an appendix
rather than a chapter. You want to refer a newbie to something
small if possible.

I got a chance to re-read https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ . It's been months since I first read it. I think that document styles suitable for a newbie and that for a experienced sysadmin are so different it would be a mistake to try to force one document serve both groups.

I would like to see a document with the content of:
     2 Before you begin
     3 Before and during the installation
     5 Securing services running on your system
     B Configuration checklist
     F Security update protected by a firewall

I think the type of material I'm looking for should be in the "Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide". It is the one document _every_ new user is told to read.

I'll take a stab at putting selected content in a form suitable for the Installation Guide. This weekend looks open. I'll send my attempt to you off-list.

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