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Re: Newbie friendly security and firewall docs (cookbook?)

On Mi, 08 oct 14, 08:49:44, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I think the type of material I'm looking for should be in the "Debian
> GNU/Linux Installation Guide". It is the one document _every_ new user is
> told to read.

Maybe Debian Reference would be more appropriate (CC-ing Osamu to get 
his attention).

> I'll take a stab at putting selected content in a form suitable for the
> Installation Guide. This weekend looks open. I'll send my attempt to you
> off-list.

Probably not a good idea, because:

1. Things like this should be in public, even better filed as a patch in 
the BTS
2. Javier is not the Maintainer of the Installation Guide, the Debian 
Installer Team is (list debian-boot)

Kind regards,
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