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réclamation Re: AffOrdablE mEdicinE dirEctly from manufacturEr Bug#258437: correct patch Bug#374220: use DocBook XML instead of debiandoc Bug#376158: Should document apt's new pdiff feature Bug#376411: developers-reference: references "pgp" package which doesn't exist Bug#376582: developers-reference: apt-cache showsrs does not show reverse deps ... Bug#376590: developers-reference: suggests to test downgrading Bug#376961: developers-reference: Include CVE numbers in changelog as best practice Bug#378929: developers-reference: English Language and typo corrections patch Bug#379748: information about unused direct dependencies and --as-needed in LDFLAGS Bug#380458: developers-reference: "Debian Developer" and "Debian Maintainer" confusion cheap Software Dapatkan eGame Robert Kiyosaki Demande de renseignement Fwd: Do you want a {}prosperous future? documentation bug Include CVE numbers in changelog as best practice Re: inclusion of ocaml-policy Job Re: Mak3 your girlfri3nd happy, man h3alth offers for a low price. minimum v../... greaterMB Warranty Re: N0w 40% cheaper, buy tabs and y0ur woman will be happy Pesan Sekarang eGame Robert Kiyosaki Processed: submitter 150607, submitter 41516 Processed: Updating my maintainer address Restoration of DDP cron jobs in gluck post-compromise? RFC: expand apt-dpkg-ref? Re: save yOur wallet use cheap qual1ty meds and pi1ls Tempus Fugit: Founding Fathers in Modern America Tinkers via WEEKS TOP MACWORLD The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 42 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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