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Tempus Fugit: Founding Fathers in Modern America

Tempus Fugit: A Novel
Available at Amazon.com, BN.com, Powells.com and lawrencerowe.com

What would our Founding Fathers do if they suddenly found themselves in the 
present-day United States? Would they be pleased with the current state of 

Journey with our Founders as they discover airplanes, Constitutional 
amendments, World Wars, and the Kennedy Assassination. Watch CNN and Jerry 
Springer with George Washington, meet emancipated African Americans with 
Thomas Jefferson, surf the web with Benjamin Franklin.

The exciting new novel Tempus Fugit is a fast-paced, profound, often 
hilarious story that brings Washington, Franklin and Jefferson back to 
life. After reading it, you will view our Founders and our republic in a 
different light.

For more information about Tempus Fugit, please visit: lawrencerowe.com

For a limited time, visitors to the site can purchase an autographed copy 
of the novel for only $15.95 - 20% off the cover price ? and receive free 
shipping anywhere in the continental United States!

>From the Author

I spent years getting to know our founders. Most men are diminished by such 
scrutiny, but in this case respect grew with understanding. As I read our 
forefathers? words, I realized they overcame or foresaw most of our current 

What would our founders think of America today?

The answers are more conclusive than you might think.

Lawrence Lee Rowe Jr.

Tempus Fugit
(Time Flies)
A Novel
Some Men Would Be Great In Any Time
ISBN: 0976766809

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