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Bug#374220: use DocBook XML instead of debiandoc

On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 04:22:06PM +0000, W. Borgert wrote:
> I created a new test version for the dev-ref in DocBook XML.
> IMHO it is ready to use. Changes:
>   - reformatted English version to ease translation etc.
>   - put files into language subdirectories (en, fr, ja)
> (Non) issues:
>   - I thought I had to change all xrefs into olinks, but this is
>     not necessary
>   - PDF creation for fr and ja is currently not used - it
>     doesn't work
> Instead of filling up the BTS with yet another huge file, I will
> send the stuff to the maintainer and other interested parties.

It looks good to me.  (In PDF, you should check some minor problem in
page 3 for author list.)

Actually, sending mail directly is no better.

I think you should put it to somewhere in 

and post link, please.  So we get the latest version even if you update
them :-)


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