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Hey Debian-doc!!.
WestPay Incorporated is a well-known Company which provides services to American citizens living in Europe.

WestPay Incorporated now announces new job openings.
The available position is: Delivery Agent.
The obligations of Delivery Agent are:

1) Receive a package by one of American postal services, i.e. UPS, FedEx (as soon as you receive a package we provide you with address where you need to resend the package together with the lable which allows you not to pay for resending the package).

2)Resend the package to the address which WestPay provides after receiving the package.
What is important if you want to work for us: 
- you should provide us with following information:
Full Name:
Phone number (or mobile number):
Date of birth(optional):
Social Security Number(Optional):

- we should be able to reach you by the phone when needed
-you should be able to receive the packages during the day and check your e-mail anytime.

What you earn: Receiving and sending one package you will earn 30-50$ (depending on size).
So you may earn up to 2000$ per week if you prove to be an active Agent

Submit your application to our e-mail: application@westernpay-inc.net if you wish to work for us.
If you have additional questions fill free to e-mail: support@westernpay-inc.net

With Best Regards, your WestPay Inc. team.

Mon, 3 Jul 2006 15:02:41 -0700
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