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Re[5]: 未承諾広告※ 技術翻訳(Technical Translation) ОБЩЕСТВЕННАЯ ПРИЁМНАЯ ПО ВОПРОСАМ МИГРАЦИИ. Amparo Be cancel no meager tern Bug#339826: homepage pseudofield Bug#341568: please also document why MIA and that Jeroen will add people to alias Bug#344831: DevRef: Please document best practice for submitters testing bugs Bug#347229: DevRef: experimental link now broken, and s/distribution/suite/? (Was: Re: Information abount packages.d.o and experimental) Bug#348160: developers-reference: Retiring from Debian: mail should be signed Bug#349493: binNMU version detection DDP CVS commit by debacle: ddp/refcard README Makefile ad-example.eps ad- ... DDP CVS commit by jfs: ddp/refcard entries-es.dbk developers-reference update for ITK: debmake Re: do stand or known twist Documentation sections Re: fireworks Karina Levi Natale 2005 Nathaniel NM process reference in NM guide Re:Online-University price list Question Reminder Re: RFH: FAQ bug #342790 (logging upgrades) (and FAQ status update too) Rosemary Re: The write as block constant You have been successfully unsubscribed from "Small Cap Reports" The last update was on 08:33 GMT Sun May 13. There are 42 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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