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Re: RFH: FAQ bug #342790 (logging upgrades) (and FAQ status update too)

tag 342790 pending

Fixed in CVS, uptodate.sgml revision: 1.21.  I've added a note on
log-rotating too.  Here's the final patch:


-<sect id="keepingalog">How can I keep a log of the packages I added to
-  the system?
+<sect id="keepingalog">How can I keep a log of the packages I added to the
+  system?  I'd like to know when which package upgrades and removals have
+  occured!
+<p>Passing the <tt>--log</tt>-option to <prgn/dpkg/ makes <prgn/dpkg/
+log status change updates and actions.  It logs both the
+<prgn/dpkg/-invokation (e.g.
+2005-12-30 18:10:33 install hello 1.3.18 2.1.1-4
+<p>) and the results (e.g.
+2005-12-30 18:10:35 status installed hello 2.1.1-4
+<p>)  If you'd like to log all your <prgn/dpkg/ invokations (even those done
+using frontends like <prgn/aptitude/), you could add
+log /var/log/dpkg.log
+<p>to your <file>/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg</file>.  Be sure the created logfile gets
+rotated periodically.  If you're using <prgn/logrotate/, this can be achieved
+by creating a file <file>/etc/logrotate.d/dpkg</file> with contents
+/var/log/dpkg {
+  missingok
+  notifempty
+<p>More details on <prgn/dpkg/ logging can be found in the <manref name="dpkg"
+section="1"> manual page.
+<p><prgn/aptitude/ logs the package installations, removals, and upgrades that
+it intends to perform to <file>/var/log/aptitude</file>.  Note that the
+<em>results</em> of those actions are not recorded in this file!
+<p>Another way to record your actions is to run your package management session
+within the <manref name="script" section="1"> program.
-<p><prgn/dpkg/ keeps a record of the packages that have been unpacked,
-configured, removed, and/or purged, but does not (currently) keep a log
-of terminal activity that occurred while a package was being so manipulated.
-<p>The simplest way to work around this is to run your
-sessions within the <manref name="script" section="1"> program.


The only open bugs for the FAQ are http://bugs.debian.org/194308 ("add
entry about installing testing/unstable pkgs to stable") and #333719
("please add entry on non-free documentation").  See
for an overview.

Unless someone tells me not to, I'll close the "installing
testing/unstable pkgs" one soonish.

I'd like to postpone handling the "non-free documentation" one for a

I might have time to prepare a new Debian package for doc-debian, so
that the bunch of FAQ commits get distributed.  I'll keep you posted.



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