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Re: NM process reference in NM guide

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 12:27:58AM +0900, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Hi, 
> After reading bug report (#331176), I realized NM guide had a tone of
> old days when becoming DD was much simpler.
> I hereby propose patch to maint-guide (NM guide) as attached along what
> was reported by #331176.(  http://bugs.debian.org/331176 )
> This also fixes few points on debmake removal and new debhelper behavior.
> (I will separate URL to default.ent but I left them in test for easy
> review.)
> I think we can improve situation a bit more if mpalmer includes
> <list>...</list> part into his FAQ page as something like executive
> summary and I removing it from this text since having too many URL
> references in this kind of document are usually cause of broken links.
> I want to keep this document as stable as possible.
> Mathew, what do you think?

After good night sleep, I decided to remove section in <list>.  CVS has
been updated.  NM process changes a lot and I will leave to the document
which focus on it.

If bug submitter want to promote his nice summary, he should do so to
people who maintain nm.debian.org or p.d.o/~mpalmer.  I think I did good
fix by changing tone of this document. 


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