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Bug#341568: please also document why MIA and that Jeroen will add people to alias

* Justin Pryzby (justinpryzby@users.sourceforge.net) [060120 15:59]:
> In the past, the developers reference has said something to the effect
> of "mail debian-qa or debian-devel with possibly mia developers".
> But, on IRC Jeroen pointed out that this could lead to googling for
> that developer coming up with a to hit of "Is [he] MIA?", and since
> people might object to that, Jeroen prefers for MIA pings to go to the
> "private" mia@ alias, since it isn't publically indexed (by google).

Can you please check if the web version of the d-r at
is ok for you? The pending tag usually means the fix is commited, but
not uploaded. If you disagree, please also remove the pending tag.


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