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Re^6: dhelp directory structure

Am 16.04.98 schrieb srivasta # datasync.com ...

Moin Manoj!

MS>         Though I have not been following the debate very closely, I do
MS>  believe we should allow for packages to be cross-indexed under
MS>  multiple headings.

I don#t think so, instead we should use a very good structure that helps  
the user to find the needed document very easily.

MS>         The headings Should be chosen for maximal ease-of-use in
MS>  searching, and it is concievable that a package can reasonably be
MS>  classified under several such headings.

Please, don#t mix up packages with documents. A package could contain  
several documents and you could of course register each document in an  
other directory.
For some documents it maybe makes sense to register them in more than one  
diretory (see the bash man page). But I don#t like to register most  
documents in several directories.
If we do so, we don#t need directories. Then we could move all documents  
in one directory and our user will always find his document in the first  

MS>         From the human factors viewpoint, it is more important to
MS>  support the index view rather than the TOC view.

I don#t think so. If you want to build an index you have to add every HTML  
page of a document (like for example HOWTO.html, HOWTO-1.html, etc.) to  
several directories.

On a computer you don#t need an index any more. You could use full text  
search. Most books don#t offer a good index. It#s not easy to produce a  
good one.

Take for example Windows (sorry, but Win offers a good help system) HLP  
files. They#re always structured like a TOC.

cu, Marco

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