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Re: Re^6: dhelp directory structure

On Thu, Apr 16, 1998 at 08:44:00PM +0100, Marco Budde wrote:
> Am 16.04.98 schrieb srivasta # datasync.com ...
> MS>         Though I have not been following the debate very closely, I do
> MS>  believe we should allow for packages to be cross-indexed under
> MS>  multiple headings.
> I don#t think so, instead we should use a very good structure that helps  
> the user to find the needed document very easily.

Do you think your proposal is a "very good structure"? Please explain why.

> For some documents it maybe makes sense to register them in more than one  
> diretory (see the bash man page). But I don#t like to register most  
> documents in several directories.

Nobody talks about "most". You are scared about things you don't need to be
scared about.

Did you actually tried to put some documents in your or another structure.
What are your experiences? I did so. I put nearly all HOWTOS and most of the
mini-HOWTOS in a structure. Twice it was good to put it in two sections.

This is the number.

> If we do so, we don#t need directories. Then we could move all documents  
> in one directory and our user will always find his document in the first  
> directory.

This is almost what you are trying to convince us to do.
> MS>         From the human factors viewpoint, it is more important to
> MS>  support the index view rather than the TOC view.
> I don#t think so. If you want to build an index you have to add every HTML  
> page of a document (like for example HOWTO.html, HOWTO-1.html, etc.) to  
> several directories.

We don't mean a real index.

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