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Re: github and its workflows (was Re: manpages.debian.org has been modernized!)

On 01/30/2017 01:53 PM, The Wanderer wrote:
> Are you saying that people are writing and submitting patches via a
> Web-based editor interface,

yes, nothing wrong with that.

> and that you're recommending that people
> consider _accepting_ those patches, when they haven't even been
> _build-tested_ before submission (because you can't build-test - much
> less actually _test_ - without the full source tree, which you'd obtain
> by pulling the repo)?

nobody stops you from build-testing pull requests. But people using the
web interface usually don't change lots of things because coding in the
web editor is no fun. Such changes are small and easy to review usually.
And you can always fetch the pull request and use your command line tools.

> Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe I'm just backwards, but that
> sounds _insane_ to me.

its not more or less insane then what you do in your daily git usage.
either you review things properly or not.

> (I imagine it would be _possible_ to have a workflow of something like
> "clone the repo, edit and test locally, copy-and-paste the full contents
> of the edited source files one-by-one into the editor interface", just
> to avoid 'git push' - but that seems like overkill, and would still
> involve cloning the repo.)

why should one do that?

> If github really is encouraging that sort of thing (by including such an
> editor interface) - as well as the "keep the only copy of your fork in
> the same centralized location as the original code" mindset implied by a
> don't-bother-to-clone-a-local-copy workflow - that leaves me
> considerably less comfortable with the idea of people using github than
> I used to be.

You start to sound like a troll.

So far I think I've created like a dozen of pull requests to fix typos
using the web interface, and I think I've accepted an even bigger amount
of changes without rebuilding everything before accepting the pull
request. A lot of changes don't even need a rebuild to know that they
won't break things.

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