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Re: "not authorised" doing various desktoppy things [and 1 more messages] [and 1 more messages]

Martín Ferrari writes ("Re: "not authorised" doing various desktoppy things [and 1 more messages]"):
> This seems to solve the problem for me, thank you very much! (And I hope
> you can get this in for stretch!)

Thanks to everyone for their reports.  This is very helpful.

Currently experimental has 10-3~exp2 which also has a patch from
Nikolaus Schulz to support hybrid sleep[1].  I don't use this myself
so reports on that would also be welcome.

I indeed intend to push this to sid in the next few days, with the
plan that it will be in stretch.


[1] AIUI this is when your laptop suspends to RAM, but after a timeout
or when the battery is low, wakes up so that it can suspend to disk.

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