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Re: "not authorised" doing various desktoppy things

On 2017-01-03, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Can someone please help explain to me how these things are supposed to
> work ?  Specifically, how is (presumably as a consequence of me
> logging in using a display manager) my session supposed to be granted
> the ability to manage various system resources like the power and
> network settings.

> I'd love to know where to start debugging, or where to send bug
> reports.

The rough way things work is that network-manager asks policykit if
ijackson is allowed to do <action>. If I recall correctly, for most
networky (and removable media things), the default policykit
configuration is that 'local logged in users' are allowed to do this.
logind is asked if ijackson is logged in as a local user or as a remote
user. And the message trickles back the same way.
There is also somewhere iirc a configuration bit to require a password
on the way.

> Presumably there is also a way to override things and permanently
> grant my account the relevant privilege.  That would be fine for
> single-user computers (including most laptops). 

That would probably be some policykit configuration file you can do this

> But I want to fix
> this in the general case.  I suspect that (for example) desktoppy
> removeable media, or audio access, may be affected (although I don't
> use those things).

I like your attitude of fixing the general case, and I do have the same
suspicion as you.

I do think mbiebl's debugging start point is good.


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