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Re: piece of mind


The Wanderer <wanderer@fastmail.fm> writes:
> This is the problem. The init system should not be providing "features"
> which other software might, post-boot and pre-shutdown, want to make use
> of. (AFAIK sysvinit never did, and most - possibly all? - of the other
> init-system candidates don't either.) Such features should be provided
> separately, independent of what may happen to be running as PID 1.

That is your opinion and you might well hold it, even if I disagree with
it. But this point has also been rehashed a thousand times and already
been answered as often, as you are well aware.

What makes your mail flamebait (look, it worked!) and make people
(me included, by the way) classify you as a troll, is that you
intentionally glossed over the point and instead started the millionth
discussion about the technical implementations of systemd, all of which
has been discussed and rediscussed ad infinitum. The point was:

If you don't like systemd, don't use it and stop stepping on people's
toes for wanting to use it. Even if they are the upstream of software
you want to use.

Don't forget, what the trigger for this millionth of discussions about
systemd in debian is: That the systemd-opponents want to take the
freedom from other people (amongst other the gnome upstream and debian
maintainers) to use the software they like in the way they like, by
preventing them from depending on systemd.


Axel Wagner

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