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Re: piece of mind


Neil Williams:
> A relation of a log to a service is mere configuration - a conffile is
> all that is needed for that example.
No it's not. You need code which captures all of a daemon's output (and its
children -- stdout+stderr+syslog), separately from any other daemon, and
log it in a way that's attributable to that daemon. Even if logged by some
randomly-named process which this daemon started.

Whichever code is responsible for starting that daemon needs to set that
up. Then it needs to either read the output itself, or forward the file
descriptors to some logger program.

The current way of haphazardly logging to $RANDOM_SYSLOG_FILE and/or
/dev/null (guess what daemonization does to standard error, and guess what
you no longer need to do when your server runs under systemd) is a waste of
time. I want to figure out what the *censored* is wrong with $DAEMON,
not where it logs to (or how to convince it to do so in the first place).

-- Matthias Urlichs

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