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Re: upgrades must not change the installed init system

On Mon, 8 Sep 2014, Vincent Danjean wrote:

> When Debian switched the default syslog implementation (to rsyslog),
> upgrades did not change already installed syslog implementation.

They most definitely did not do that, right.

The only one which did was GRUB → GRUB 2, which required the
user to install grub-legacy before doing the dist-upgrade…
needless to say, this broke some headless server setups I had
heard about. (Before you shout “release notes”, most people I
know run testing or unstable. While issues should be expected
there, random unannounced (or! announced) breakage should not.)

>   But, as soon as systemd has unit files that replaces init scripts,
> these ones are not used anymore. And any customization (such as "exit 0")
> done in them is then lost. I'm wrong ?

No, you’re right. Worse, “exit 0” in the /etc/default/* files
are ignored, too. Shell scripts in /etc/default/* now break, too.

Which reminds me… (fup in the BTS).

> I find very difficult to fix it for now. And nearly any customization
> of init scripts is lost without a word during the upgrade. Enabling

… and other things, such as syslog config.

And those new techniques for debugging are foreign to
• LPI certified admins
• experienced Debian admins
• experienced *buntu admins
• experienced Unix admins (maybe except Solaris)

So yes, an upgrade shall not change the init system.

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