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Re: Cinnamon environment now available in testing

On Friday, 5 de September de 2014 09:57:34 Josselin Mouette escribió:
> Noel Torres wrote:
> > So we are clearly failing to follow the least surprise (for the user)
> > path.
> > 
> > Should not logind depend on systemd-shim | systemd-sysv instead?
> No. Systemd is the default init system. The default dependencies should
> reflect that.
> And from a purely functional point of view, it makes more sense to bring
> by default the standard, upstream-supported, well-tested solution, than
> the Debuntu-specific hack to use it with an inferior init system.
> Cheers,

"Inferior" is your personal (and others) opinion. I do not think systemd being 
clearly superior. It has better points that sysvinit but also worse points 
(already extensively discussed). So that is not a reason to force users 
install systemd when they are just upgrading their currently working systems.

* standard: we chose so (against the opinion of a lot of people), nothing more 
to discuss about that
* upstream-supported: not exclusive to systemd
* well-tested: not true. sysvinit is the well tested, and well known one 
(including its quircks and lacks)
* superior: plain no


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