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Re: FFmpeg vs. libav packaging (was Re: Proposal: SystemD.pushers/forcers, et cetera)

Quoting Adrian Bunk (2014-02-13 22:40:23)
> On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 09:21:02PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Quoting Adrian Bunk (2014-02-13 20:37:47)
>>> Are you as Debian Multimedia Maintainer willing to discuss which 
>>> option (libav, FFmpeg, some solution of shipping both) will be best 
>>> for jessie based on the information that is available today?
>> It will certainly be best for Jessie to have a library included which 
>> exist and has had reasonable testing as official Debian package.
>> Someone needs to do the work of packaging FFmpeg and get it into 
>> Debian testing - then we can sensibly compare them in the context of 
>> an upcoming stable Debian release.
> Having both sets of libraries in the archive at the same time is what 
> I called "insane" in the RFP and where I expect additional probems due 
> to:
> - programs compiled with libav using FFmpeg and
> - programs ending up using a mix of both libraries, in some cases
>   even both versions of the same library
> And for a fair comparison in testing, one would e.g. need one package 
> of VLC compiled against libav and one package of VLC compiled against 
> FFmpeg at the same time in testing.
> Do you have a good idea how to avoid all the problems of mixing both 
> libraries while also creating a sufficient usage of the FFmpeg 
> libraries in a way that both libraries can be in testing at the same 
> time,

No, unfortunately I see no way around a substantive amount of real work 
to prove FFmpeg relevant for consideration.

> or are you just setting a hurdle intended to be impossible to pass for 
> FFmpeg?

No, I do not "set a hurdle", just point out that I find it reasonable.
Nor do I consider it impossible - just hard work.

...just as it has been hard work for those getting LibAV into shape.

Actually, I expect it to be *less* work, because the situation is 
arguably now less of a mess than when the LibAV fork was started.  Not 
that I expect you to agree on that - I just point it out, to emphasize 
that I do *not* consider it an imposible task like you seem to put in my 

 - Jonas

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