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Re: (seemingly) declinging bug report numbers

I will fill your bugreports for $1.99 per bug :-)

2012/10/19 Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org>:
> [Kelly Clowers]
>> But I basically never report bugs. I have used Sid for years, and in
>> fact I often don't notice bugs in my personal workflow (maybe if I
>> can think of myself as a user? I notice end-user-impacting bugs in
>> other areas). If someone comes over and sees me working the might
>> say, "wow that is an annoying bug" and I say "what bug? Oh that.  I
>> didn't notice, I just worked around it." Even with bugs I do notice,
>> I usually just ignore and work around until it is fixed.
> Don't feel bad about that.  Reporting a bug is a _burden_, especially
> if you care enough to produce a high-quality report.  Even if the
> actual reporting part is pretty easy, you have to gather a lot of
> information: is it reproduceable and if so, how?  How sure am I that it
> isn't user error or local configuration?  How sure am I that it hasn't
> already been fixed by a newer upload?  Is there anything strange in my
> environment that I am forgetting to mention, that would make the bug
> hard for anyone else to reproduce?  And of course that's not even
> counting the time investment of working with the maintainer after the
> initial report.
> I don't fault anyone for deciding that the return on investment for
> producing a high-quality bug report is higher than for just working
> around it.  I often do the same.  We of course appreciate when users
> are willing to contribute a good bug report, but we don't require or
> expect everybody to do it.  Mostly we produce Debian so you can _use_
> it, not so you can spend your time helping us make it better.
> Peter
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