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Re: (seemingly) declinging bug report numbers

[Kelly Clowers]
> But I basically never report bugs. I have used Sid for years, and in
> fact I often don't notice bugs in my personal workflow (maybe if I
> can think of myself as a user? I notice end-user-impacting bugs in
> other areas). If someone comes over and sees me working the might
> say, "wow that is an annoying bug" and I say "what bug? Oh that.  I
> didn't notice, I just worked around it." Even with bugs I do notice,
> I usually just ignore and work around until it is fixed.

Don't feel bad about that.  Reporting a bug is a _burden_, especially
if you care enough to produce a high-quality report.  Even if the
actual reporting part is pretty easy, you have to gather a lot of
information: is it reproduceable and if so, how?  How sure am I that it
isn't user error or local configuration?  How sure am I that it hasn't
already been fixed by a newer upload?  Is there anything strange in my
environment that I am forgetting to mention, that would make the bug
hard for anyone else to reproduce?  And of course that's not even
counting the time investment of working with the maintainer after the
initial report.

I don't fault anyone for deciding that the return on investment for
producing a high-quality bug report is higher than for just working
around it.  I often do the same.  We of course appreciate when users
are willing to contribute a good bug report, but we don't require or
expect everybody to do it.  Mostly we produce Debian so you can _use_
it, not so you can spend your time helping us make it better.


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