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Re: non-developer packages depending on gettext?

>>>>> Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> writes:


 > Check if the package contains a shell script which supports
 > translated output strings — such packages should Depend: gettext-base
 > rather than drop the dependency entirely.

 > I've had a quick look at gnas and it does seem that this is a case
 > where gettext-base is required, but not gettext.

	ACK, thanks for the information.

	To note is that Source: gnunet has contrib/report.sh, which
	calls gettext(1), but it doesn't seem to be propagated to any of
	the binaries currently depending on gettext.

 > gettext should only be necessary for packages or tasks which
 > *manipulate* PO files directly, rather than use the processed .mo
 > files to generate translated output.  So, Build-Depends: yes,
 > Depends: probably a bug.  gettext-base is only really needed when the
 > package provides shell scripts with translated output because those
 > evaluate the gettext process at runtime but that only requires
 > gettext-base, not gettext.

 > Could be worth filing a wishlist bug against lintian because it
 > should be quite easy to spot.

	?  I see no easy way to discern between these three cases (the
	dependency is valid, depend on gettext-base instead, drop the
	dependency altogether.)

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