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Re: Gnome classic mode

On 09/11/2012 02:22 PM, Wookey wrote:
> If the message tells people to select 'gnome classic' in the logon
> menu to make it go away then that seems reasonable to me.

Again, not really an option for our live images. Two obvious options are:

1. Modify the live image to silently fail over to gnome classic. If that's not what a real install
of Debian does, I really think this is a bad solution as it sets wrong expectations for how Debian
is going to behave after they finish the test drive and do an install.

2. Do nothing. Let the error occur. This warns the user that their hardware isn't going to work well
with gnome3, but is incredibly annoying for anyone who wants to actually use fallback mode (possibly
for more than a single boot) on the live gnome images and has already seen the message.

Which brings us back to what has already been proposed earlier in this thread:

3. Don't nag the user with this error. Silently fail over to gnome classic by default.

I think this is the lesser of evils, both from my perspective as a Debian live team member, and in
terms of what I think is best for users. I think it's obvious enough that you're not in gnome-shell
when you land in fallback mode that you don't have to annoy users with a scary looking message as
well. As a compromise I would accept if the notification were kept, but in a much subtler form.


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