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Re: big .debian.tar.xz - EG Wordpress

Jon Dowland dixit:

>The stuff is things such as "minified" js. The wordpress source contains the
>minified copies, and you can get the originals in separate tarballs from the
>wordpress site.

Eh, I’d call that RC. People have been told off for not including the
corresponding source in the .orig.tar.gz for ages. (Same for a LICENCE
file, which one is not allowed to add in the Debian patch, even if the
licence terms come from upstream.)

You’ll have to repack the orig.tar.xz(I guess) thus.

>It strikes me that this is *exactly* what the multiple-source-tarballs feature
>of 3.0. is for.

Actually, I believe not, since they may belong into the _same_ tarball
as their “binaries” (minified versions).

>Although, the fact these sources aren't used at all is troubling.

Oh, definitely, that too.

In fact, I’ve already filed such as RC bug against one of the
ECMAscript packages where I noticed it, and I think this happens
with many more.

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