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Re: amd64 as default architecture

Ben Hutchings dixit:

>> > Eventually (wheezy+2? +3?) we would stop building a kernel package for
>> > i386.
>> As in drop the i386 arch?
>No, keep i386 userland only.

Oh, definitely not! Please keep this runnable on at least
machines such as Soekris (486-compatible), Pentium-M, etc.

>> > have ppc64 and sparc64 soon!)

For sparc64, I heard the sparc kernel has been sparc64-only
since past etch, already. (Too bad, otherwise I could have
run Debian on one of my six SPARCstations at home.)

> Hi, does anyone sell openbsd stickers by themselves and not packaged
> with other products?
No, the only way I've seen them sold is for $40 with a free OpenBSD CD.
	-- Haroon Khalid and Steve Shockley in gmane.os.openbsd.misc

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