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Re: Wheezy release: CDs are not big enough any more...

Guillem Jover dixit:

>the archive override. And if we have to keep changing the packages
>anyway to make sure they match changing priorities, we might as well
>just set the compressor (to gzip) explicitly for base packages.

Pseudo-essential packages are going to be a problem though.
What if a (hypothetical, of course!) package maintainer of
an essential package suddenly decides they need to depend
on, oh I know, say, ucf? Of course, this situation is purely
hypothetical, and ucf would never suddenly become pseudo-

(Who *is* the authority telling people off for making other
packages pseudo-essential, anyway? I’ve seen it thrice at
least already; luckily it was reverted for the instance when
someone pulled in the (full) perl package.)

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