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Re: why do people introduce stup^Wstrange changes to quilt 3.0 format

18.05.2012 00:11, Russ Allbery пишет:
> Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:
>> ]] Russ Allbery 
>>> If I were to pick between the enhancements to Debian in this area, none
>>> of which I have time to work on and therefore can't vote on via
>>> implementation, I'd be way more interested in avoiding the entire
>>> source package upload process entirely and be able to just push signed
>>> Git tags to a trusted host that stores Git repositories for our
>>> packages.  Even if those repositories were only accessible to Debian
>>> maintainers because they're not license-reviewed.
>> As always, it's easier to add another abstraction layer and so generate
>> the (somewhat pointless) source package and upload that, rather than
>> modifying dak (and/or buildd) to handle two kinds of sources and source
>> tools.
>> I do agree it'd be better if we could just get rid of source packages,
>> but we're far from there yet, sadly.
> Oh, sure.  And I'd be fine with that.  I just really like the idea of
> having everything about the package build automated, including generation
> of the source package, so that we no longer have problems where the
> maintainer does something weird on their local system.  I'm fine with it
> being optional for those who want to use it, but I'd like to use it.  One
> would test the build locally and then just push the tag, and the whole
> process would be reproduced in our infrastructure with a known
> configuration and we'd identify problems much faster.
> It would also mean that any Debian maintainer could easily clone the
> canonical source for a package that's using Git and that infrastructure,
> which we sort of have with debcheckout but a bit awkwardly, and NMUs could
> always be pushed to the same place, with the security handled via regular
> upload rights checking instead of the more ad hoc git.debian.org
> permission approach.
> It feels like the sort of direction in which software development is
> moving, and it feels like embracing our tools in ways that we're not yet
> doing.

What about stable release? Git branches?
What about users who want rebuild a package (probably with new patches)?
dget functionality is really good for me.

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