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Re: why do people introduce stup^Wstrange changes to quilt 3.0 format

]] Russ Allbery 

> There was never really a satisfactory resolution to that discussion.  We
> can upload very shallow clones, but they end up looking a lot like the
> existing quilt format with single-debian-patch, and it's not horribly
> clear what the advantages of 3.0 (git) are at that point.  Many of the
> really compelling use cases for 3.0 (git), neat stuff like possibly being
> able to just push a signed tag instead of uploading or having the package
> history when you get the source package, aren't very interesting with
> shallow clones.

Pushing a signed tag and having source packages and binaries built from
that doesn't rely on 3.0 (git), though.  «Just» a repository somewhere
with hooks that go «oh, a signed tag, let me build a source package and
upload that».  Might fire it off as a job to a separate process so
pushing to big repos doesn't take a winter and a day, but that's really
an implementation detail.

Tollef Fog Heen
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