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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

OoO Peu  avant le début  de l'après-midi du  vendredi 11 mai  2012, vers
13:20, Gergely Nagy <algernon@balabit.hu> disait :

>>> In other words, it does *exactly* the same thing systemd is
>>> criticised for.
>> Which doesn't mean that it's a good practice.

> Tell me what you would gain, if there were no files under /lib/systemd,
> and all of these were compiled into the binary, please. Because that's
> the other option, as you *do not* let users change the defaults. You let
> them override them, you let them configure the system. (And that *is*
> being done in /etc.)

> There are *very* few programs that come without any kind of default, and
> even less, that let you change the default too.

> apt does not let you change the defaults, nor does dpkg. Both allow you
> to change their settings, but without recompiling, you can't change the
> defaults. Same happens with systemd, the difference is that it's easier
> to see the defaults, as they're broken out into files that are easy to
> copy and change as needed.

Yes, that's very  true. We are just used that the  kind of "defaults" in
init to  be in /etc. But  nothing is set  in stone. I was  first against
this etc-override-lib  behaviour but your  arguments are sound and  I am
now convinced that we should keep the way systemd is doing things.

Moreover, in the case of systemd, there are other mechanisms that can be
used to customize a configuration file for the more common modifications
(handling  dependencies and  ordering) using  symbolic links.  This way,
there  is  no need  to  copy  the  file from  /lib  in  /etc to  do  the

Still in the  case of systemd, a README put in  /etc/systemd may be used
to explain  the whole etc-override-lib  to users that are  not expecting
such behaviour. A README is not a configuration file but there is one in
/etc/init.d as well.
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