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Re: Node.js and it's future in debian

OoO En  ce début  de soirée du  jeudi 03  mai 2012, vers  21:11, Patrick
Ouellette <pouelle@debian.org> disait :

>> Yes, they are. But we need to  find a solution that will work for almost
>> every one and this solution seems to exist.

> Can you please elaborate on the solution that seems to exist?  All I have
> seen is a demand from Node.js to give up the name ASAP.  

Yes, this one (with the patch to rename the binary in your package).

> "From my experience, many MANY Linux hams have customized scripts that
> startup some very elaborate HAM systems.  For many, these scripts
> weren't written by them and the changing of the node command could be
> very difficult for some.  The other aspect is if this change came into
> a package update that could impact production systems in VERY remote
> sites.  This could cause all kinds ugliness that can be easily
> avoided."

Being not a ham radio user, I  find a bit dubious the above quote ("many
MANY" and  "customized scripts").  Out of 100  users, how much  is "many
MANY"? If it is 1 out of 100, well, that's not that much. They can still
put a symlink  (out of /usr/local/bin for example).  The difference with
node.js is that all users would have to put this link.
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