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Re: Node.js and it's future in debian

* Carsten Hey [2012-05-01 01:07 +0200]:
> Only Hamish, who did not respond to this issue, uploaded
> node once in 2005,

I need to correct myself, Hamish replied once.  In
<20110208230458.GA23497@risingsoftware.com> he wrote:
| I think renaming the node binary to axnode is reasonable and
| consistent with this, but I don't think the nodejs program should be
| using that name either.

Pat replied earlier than I thought, but these earlier replies were
indistinguishable from replies of other people that are not listed in
the uploaders field (i.e., without priorly checking who is listed in

The origin of what the policy suggests to do if there is no consensus is
a mail from Guy Maor <879142cjni.fsf@slip-61-16.ots.utexas.edu>, in
which he writes:
| That's basically a stick to force developers to reach a consensus.

Christian Schwarz uploaded this change later in this month.

I don't think that there ever will be a consensus in all those
discussions without discussing in a reasonable way (which failed in the
past multiple times).  Previously to this, asking the VP of Engineering
for a decision was suggested in this thread.


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