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Re: Node.js and it's future in debian

Carsten Hey wrote:

> I don't think that there ever will be a consensus in all those
> discussions without discussing in a reasonable way (which failed in the
> past multiple times).

Note that a consensus does not imply everyone agreeing.  I am starting
to see a consensus already and would welcome well reasoned opinions
and clarifications that show where my understanding is lacking.

By the way, separate from what happens to the "node" command are a few
other questions:

 - Can we come up with alternate names for both commands, so while
   Debian users might be using the "node" command, Debian packages do
   not need to?

   (Among other benefits, this would simplify upgrades for people who
   have /usr/sbin too early in $PATH.)

   I think on the Node.js side this is basically a solved problem,
   though help with the actual coding would be welcome.  (E.g., I have
   a patch against upstream 0.7.y that does the right thing, but 0.7.y
   is not packaged for experimental yet.  Feel free to contact me or
   nodejs@packages.debian.org if you have time to help.)

   There is a patch taking the first step in this direction for the
   LinuxNode package at <http://bugs.debian.org/614907> but no
   maintainer has weighed in since then, except to note on
   debian-devel@ that they are having trouble finding someone to test
   the patch.

 - Is the "node" package undermaintained?  Should it be orphaned to
   encourage active users to take on the burden of its maintenance
   without worrying about stepping on people's toes?


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