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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

OoO Pendant le repas du samedi 28 avril 2012, vers 19:54, Thomas Goirand
<zigo@debian.org> disait :

>> We are in 2012 and if a non-essential daemon blocks the boot (no working
>> network), we have no way to get a getty to be run.
> I agree with the rest of your post, but here, you are are
> picturing a very badly written init script that doesn't have
> a working failure mode! No daemon should block the boot,
> even with our current system. If it does, please feel free to
> file a bug.

There  is no  bug. When  using  start-stop-daemon on  a forking  daemon,
start-stop-daemon waits for the  process to detach which usually happens
when the  process is ready to  accept incoming requests. If  it needs to
establish some network connections, it will not fork before.

I am  not building some  random theoritical situation here.   It happens
with exim  and cfengine  for example. And  it also happens  when mouting
network drives. Even if you have  your root ready, you won't get a getty
after long long long timeouts.
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