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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 19:27 +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le jeudi 26 avril 2012 à 19:05 +0200, Svante Signell a écrit : 
> > Init is about the boot of the computer, right? Who is stupid enough to
> > put in a usb stick _during_ the boot? We need to separate boot from
> > adding/removing peripheral devices!
> Yes of course, because event-driven init systems have *always* been
> *only* about mounting USB devices. 

Then explain the _real_ reasons for having an event driven boot system!
Finding new hardware for example can be related to software like hwdata.
And why is udev classified as important, what's the use of that on
> Mounting an USB device is such a
> complicated action, one wonders how it can even work.

Yes, it seems like wonders happens, how can it be?

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