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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

Eray Aslan <eray.aslan@caf.com.tr> writes:

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 03:23:18AM +0800, Chow Loong Jin wrote:
>> I think Arto Jantunen explained it pretty well earlier in this thread:
>> > Reliability in the case of modern kernels and modern hardware means
>> > event based, not static. The hardware in a modern computer comes and
>> > goes as it pleases (usb devices being the worst example, but scanning
> That's the thing.  Hardware do not come and go as it pleases on my
> servers and I do not want anything happening when someone inserts a usb
> device.  It's nice on my laptop but not on my servers.

So you have absolute control on which device gets detected by the kernel
at which exact moment? That's a cool trick indeed, you really need to
teach me how to do that.

Unless you have radically modified things from the way the kernel works
by default, a lot of things already happen on your servers when a usb
device is inserted (the kernel notices the device and loads a driver,
udev (if it's running and not modified) creates the relevant device
nodes, etc).

I agree that automatically mounting usb sticks or such on servers would
be more than silly, and haven't suggested that (neither have the upstart
and systemd upstream developers, as far as I'm aware).

Arto Jantunen

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