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Re: Two groups of users, one distro in the middle

Alex Pennace wrote:
> Clearly, the nodejs community would not be pleased. On the other hand,
> the AX25 community would not be pleased about being forced to rename
> if it fell on them. So the real question is which community should
> bear the costs of resolving this conflict?
> At this stage, it looks like neither side is willing to budge, so
> logic and Debian policy say both must bear the costs.

That seemed to make sense the first time I read it, but the more I think
about it the less convinced I am. The actual costs of Debian renaming
both `node`s will mostly be borne by Debian, and our users, not by the
upstream projects. There's really no point in trying to punish the
upstreams at all, because the next naming conflict is sure to involve
two different upstreams; such punishment has no deterrent value, and
only sours things. And not letting the most-popular name win flies in
the face of recent history: chromium the browser conflicted with
chromium the game and won; git the VCS conflicted with git the
little-used gnu tools, and won.

see shy jo, who is currently involved in a naming conflict over "parallel"

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