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Re: Is anyone maintaining (the ham radio tool) node?

OoO En  ce début  d'après-midi nuageux du  lundi 07 novembre  2011, vers
14:42, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> disait :

>   2a. Likewise the maintainer of "nodejs" should prepare a version
>       of the package where the "node" binary is called "nodejs".

As Patrick  said earlier in the  thread that not enough  members seem to
care about this, I add my voice here: node from node.js is often used in
shebang  while node from  AX25 is  not.  Having  a "nodejs"  binary will
cause many difficulties to our users.

What  if  the  problem  was  raised  ten  years  ago  about  Python  for
example. What  an horrible mess it  would be today if  the python binary
was called "python-py" or "python-script".

See how communities may react to  this. Ruby community does not like our
packaging just  because we enforce stability over  freshness. What would
think  node.js community  if  we are  using  /usr/bin/nodejs instead  of
/usr/bin/node. Debian would  be listed as a black sheep  in every FAQ or
tutorial and  users will  be invited to  just install some  non official
package or use the source.

Patrick  seems OK  for both  binaries  to be  renamed. I  don't see  the
rationale of not accepting that node.js keeps the "node" name.
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