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Re: Whether should grub2 write MBR automatic

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 5:57 PM, michael kapelko <kornerr@gmail.com> wrote:

> Windows writes to MBR no matter what. Mac OS X does it too, I guess?
> Because of Windows, I always install Linux after Windows. I guess
> there's no way around here, Windows doesn't detect Linux anyway. I
> don't know if Mac OS X does it. I suspect it does not, because you are
> supposed to have only one Mac OS X on Mac hardware.
> So if they both write to MBR no matter what, then one main Linux
> distro with grub is the only option.

My strategy with Windows is to let it have the MBR and use Debian's
setup.exe to create an item for Debian in the Windows boot menu and
chainload Debian grub-pc from the Windows grub installed by setup.exe.
Seems to work find even though the grub scripts in Debian complain
about not being installed in the MBR on every upgrade.



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