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Re: Whether should grub2 write MBR automatic

Le mercredi, 22 juin 2011 12.01:08, Paul Wise a écrit :
> My strategy with Windows is to let it have the MBR and use Debian's
> setup.exe to create an item for Debian in the Windows boot menu and
> chainload Debian grub-pc from the Windows grub installed by setup.exe.
> Seems to work find even though the grub scripts in Debian complain
> about not being installed in the MBR on every upgrade.

Hi Paul, 

could win32-loader (either in it's "CD" or in its "standalone (on mirrors)" 
version) help to setup this ? If so, a detailed bug would be appreciated.

(Note that the "install a PXE loader" functionality has been included already 
(although not built by default), so there is certainly room for this type of 

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