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Re: Request for testing: /run and initscripts

On Fri, 15 Apr 2011, Roger Leigh wrote:
This I really don't get.  There was no error reported, and we're using
this logic:

if [ ! -L /var/run ] && [ -d /var/run ]; then
   echo "guest environment detected: Migrating /var/run to /run"
   ( # Remove /run first, so all contents get moved
     rm -fr /run &&
     mv /var/run / &&
     ln -fs /run /var/run ) ||
     ( echo "Can't move /var/run to /run and replace with symlink; please fix manually."; exit 1 )

So, er, /var/run is going to be missing for an appreciable length of time. Is
this acceptable? Also, if /var is not on the / fs mv is going to fall back to
a recursive copy, which:
 - races with anything using /var/run
 - breaks named pipes and sockets[0]
 - other badness (I'll assume there's more than immediately comes to mind ;)

[0] mv unlinks then mknods fifos and sockets, but cannot restore a link from the
    new inode to any processes which already have an fd open

I'm assuming this is the degenerate fallback case when you can't use mount --bind,
but I think we can still do better. Why not "ln /var/run /run" in this case and
switch the symlink and actual location after the next "boot"?

If some guest environments skip all of rcS then I'd hope they make some other
provisions for "at boot" cleanup and other tasks. Otherwise the best we can do
is document these changes in the release notes as something the local admin
needs to take care of.

Edward Allcutt

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