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Re: Packaging Openstack for Debian: anyone else interested?

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 03:57:47AM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> >So
> >currently, all packages that ship upstart jobs in Ubuntu carry a delta
> >between Debian and Ubuntu (or do some fancy stepping in debian/rules to make
> >the upstart job visible only under the right circumstances) because the
> >upstart jobs can't be included in the Debian package.

> Can you give me an example of "fancy stepping in debian/rules to
> make the upstart job visible only under the right circumstances" as
> you say, so that I can avoid the delta with Ubuntu? Or maybe you are
> recommending against that kind of hack? That may be useful anyway,
> if I want to maintain some backports, at some point.

Ship the upstart job as debian/$pkg.upstart.in, only copy it to
debian/$pkg.upstart in debian/rules if building for Ubuntu (as determined by
a check of 'dpkg-vendor --derives-from ubuntu').

> >There is a patch for debhelper that will remove this constraint (i.e., both
> >upstart jobs and sysvinit scripts will be installed /together/), but there's
> >further groundwork to be applied in other packages before it should be
> >included in the Debian archive.

> Can you describe more what's needed? Any ETA?

I'll dig up my notes and post to debian-devel about it as soon as I'm able.

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