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Re: Best practice for cleaning autotools-generated files?

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 10:30:48AM +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> > The problem is that the regenerated files are not identical to the
> > original files and you simply get a diff which finally makes different
> > Debian source packages depending how often you start the build process.
> > 
> Err, no.  If debian/rules clean removes some files, they'll never show
> up in a diff anywhere.

Assume please the following:

  1. Unpack upstream source, copy debian/ dir into it
  2. make -f debian/rules clean
  3. store the resulting build dir into a temporary dir say dir1
  4. debuild
  5. store a backup of your *.dsc + *diff*
  6. make -f debian/rules clean
  7. Now compare the build dir with dir1
      --> you get a diff (for whatever reason there are several
          examples - most of them because of broken clean targets
          which do not clean up autogenerated files)
  8. debuild
  9. Now compare the backup of the *.dsc + *diff* with the
     current one - for sure they will feature a difference because
     you noticed the diff in 7.

Do you agree that there are cases where you get such a diff?

I would consider this a situation which should be avoided if possible.

Kind regards



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